2016 - Happy New Year!

I have been awful at this blogging malarky! I have had so many ideas, started so many posts but have always become distracted or given up. But a new year brings a new start. A fresh start. 

So this is my new beginning. To make my blog something I am proud of. If it helps just one person then I will consider it a success.

This year is setting up to be awesome. I have hen parties galore, weddings of special friends, I'm a bridesmaid, holiday's and my 30th Birthday to name a few.

I am going to set goals and achieve them. I will learn from what my twenties have taught me and move into my thirties a stronger woman. This has just been the dress rehearsal. Bring on the first act! 

2016 - I hope you're ready for me! This is my time!!

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